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How does Knerl Family Media help me sell to homeschoolers?

Homeschool parents aren’t that much different than other parents. In fact, they love their kids and want to see them grow, thrive, and succeed.

The difference is in how they get to those goals, often through a dedication to education curation – or the selection and implementation of the right learning tools.

Do you have the right tool for them? You might! But they still need to learn about you and feel confident you’re a good fit.

Knerl Family Media helps businesses find and reach their perfect homeschool audience match.

For organizations without their own SEO teams

We don’t pretend to be a high-powered SEO agency, and we don’t handle technical SEO. However, we can assist with onsite SEO needs, such as helping you rank for “best classical homeschool art class” with impeccable keyword research and thorough content briefs.


We can identify the natural language phrases people use to find you and make it happen on the page through Google’s HEEAT (Helpful/Experience/Expertise/Authority/Trustworthiness) methodology. We know the language of homeschoolers because we use it!

From keyword lists to identifying those “low-hanging” ranking opportunities, we’ll get you set up with a plan for creating the content your customers and search engines will love.

For organizations with their own SEO teams

We won’t get in the way of a good thing, but we can lend a hand to your SEO experts, including by:

  • Identifying new keywords and strategies relevant to the homeschool audience.

  • Providing direction on existing on-page SEO.

  • Updating SEO goals as needed to reflect the changing demands of today’s homeschoolers.

Additional insights: Many of the key terms homeschoolers use to search out solutions are low-frequency, numbering 70 or fewer searches per month. However, homeschoolers approach search much differently than the average consumer; many come to spend money and solve their problems quickly. Often the first reputable brand to offer a fix is the winner.

But don’t homeschoolers love to research?

Yes, they do! And given a summer or longer to research a product, they will (and do) peruse all the options.

But homeschoolers are often under pressure to find answers quickly, especially when facing an unexpected pull-out from school – as we saw in 2020. When a family needs to set up a homeschool within days, they won't take more time than needed to search out a solution. If you can be the first result for their search query (no matter how infrequently that keyword gets used), you may just get that conversion.

For organizations without their own content teams

Writing takes time – and practice. Linsey has done it for over 16 years for brands like HP, Mastercard, and Walmart. The most common request we get is to help create content quickly for the top ten or so search landing pages, and we’re happy to do it according to your brand guidelines and voice preferences.

For organizations with their own content teams

Have writers? You are very, very lucky. (Do you know how hard it is to find good writers these days?)

We can make their job easier with well-researched content briefs that identify the SEO and marketing goals for the homeschool audience, keywords, structure (H2s), CTA recommendations, internal linking opportunities, and more.

For organizations with both their own SEO and content teams

It's far more common that you have a well-oiled machine with no need for keyword research, onsite SEO support, or the written word.

We can still help.

In fact, this is where we can shine! Invite Linsey to your marketing strategy meetings, where she can offer the truth about what homeschoolers today are looking for (and, more importantly, what they aren’t.) She can consult on the terminology used in home education, the pain points these families hope to resolve, and how your existing brand efforts can be tweaked to add this new cohort of customers in a way that makes sense for your existing processes.

Linsey is available for per-hour or per-day consulting, as well as for a retainer partnership. She has also appeared on site to help teams get to know this new audience face-to-face.

Other services include:

  • Access to vetted and hand-selected homeschool parents for feedback, market research, early prototyping, and beta testing.

  • Market research reporting to help you understand your position in the homeschool market and the challenges and opportunities ahead.

  • Media and market training in preparation for homeschool conferences, vendor exhibits, and other public-facing opportunities. (We’ll help you speak the language and help your brand story shine!)

Next steps to making your first homeschool market sale

This may seem like a lot of information, but most of our clients only need one or two offerings at first. We want you to feel comfortable when reaching out to this new audience and have confidence that your brand is already amazing enough to make a difference.

With some intentional strategy shifts, you can include homeschool families in your existing marketing efforts and not have to start from scratch.

Email us today to get started with your free 30-minute discovery call. We’ll provide a personalized SWOT report on how you can wow the homeschool market and help you take the next steps.

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