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The Knerls

Our Story

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Two kids from Nebraska grow up to love business and one another.  They were also taught that, once you say something, you can't ever take it back.  This has been the inspiration for creating content that's right from the very first word.


Want to know more?


Linsey's writing has been featured in print and digital work all over the globe and includes Grit Magazine, Hobby Farms, HP, American Express, Mastercard, and She's also a public speaker, having taken the stage at events like FinCon and SXSW. In addition to ghostwriting for others, she has her own books coming soon, including her newest homeschool title from Simon & Schuster "Homeschool Hacks: How to Give Your Kid a Great Education (without Losing Your Job or Your Mind)" -- April 2021.


Sam is an accomplished International Business Major with a focus on entrepreneurial challenges.  His passion for helping small business start-ups get funding is what helps put the customer first at Knerl Family Media.


His past experience in sales and account management has benefited brands such as Cargill, New Horizons, and FTD. 


Either Sam or Linsey would love to speak to you about your next copy or ghostwriting project, training event, or speaking opportunity.  Contact them directly via email!

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