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Education Expertise

Is In Session

School just isn't the same anymore.


While we think this is a good thing, especially as it relates to the sudden explosion of homeschooling, we know that it can be difficult for brands.


How will you pivot your brand messaging to meet the needs of today's parents and students?


What tools are available to measure audience engagement and ensure you're keeping traffic share?


How can you compete in the bustling home education market to ensure your product or service is top of mind?


Sometimes, the right answers aren't about branding, they are about school.


Fortunately, we know school.

As 17-year homeschool parents with formal education backgrounds and a passion for all the latest "disruptive" tech, we know that the way students and parents shop today is much different from just two years ago.

Services we offer clients in the education, ed-tech, and homeschool industries include:

  • Rebranding strategy sessions

  • Competitive analysis reports

  • Keyword strategy

  • Engagement planning

  • Parent/student focus groups and product testing

  • Email campaigns

  • White papers and case studies

  • On-page SEO audits and enhancements

We know a lot about how educational buying decisions are made. 

Let us partner with you to get your best message out the first time, and ride the wave of educational disruption to more customers and bigger sales! 

Contact us directly via email!

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