The Easiest Way to Get Facebook Fans -- For Free!

Facebook is as relevant as ever, and with the reach for organic posts going down, down, down, it may have you wondering if you'll ever get more fans without spending a lot of money for them.

No worries, frugal business owner. We have a quick and effective way to get more fans without spending a dime. Here is one of the easiest ways to ask for "likes" -- and you don't even have to access your ads manager to do so!

You may assume that the people who like your updates are already fans. Often, however, the people who engage aren't already fans, and just need an invite to become one. Simply go to a recent post, click on the link that shows how many people have liked (or "reacted") to your post, then check to see which one of them are fans.

You'll have the opportunity to "invite" anyone who isn't already a fan of your page. It's easy, and it doesn't cost more than your attention and time.

How effective is this strategy? Surprisingly, it is very effective. We have found that it works most often on content that is closely tied to your page, however. It also works better on newer content (since people are more likely to remember your page and trust it if they've interacted with it within the past day or so.)

Be sure to stay on top of notifications that people are liking your content, and follow up quickly by inviting them to like all of your content. You'd be surprised at how fast your fan count can grow. And you don't have to spend a penny to Facebook to do so!

Not able to stay on top of likes and invites? We can do it for you! All of our social media management packages include this service. Ask us for details!

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