5 Fabulous Ways to Bring Personality and Engagement to Your Facebook Feed

Facebook is very competitive, and a high number of followers alone can't guarantee that anyone is seeing what you post. So, how can you maximize your numbers and get more people involved and engaged in your brand page? Add some personality!

Here are our favorite (and most effective ways) to show your fans and customers that you're a person, too.

1. Feature an employee/customer of the month (or week.) Snap a selfie with a customer or provide a behind-the-scenes shot of your administrative team doing what they do. Include a background story showing how/why they are important to your brand.

2. Celebrate holidays. Did you know that yesterday was National Doughnut Day? Feature a hi-res stock photo that respresents the fun holiday, and ask for feedback such as "what's your favorite donut"? With 100's of food holidays to celebrate, there should be no shortage of discussion. Not into edibles? Try family holidays, historical birthdays, or the anniversary of a great invention to celebrate!

3. Ask for advice. Did you make too much fudge in your chocolate shop and need suggestions for how to handle it? Did a stray cat come to your door and need a name? Will you be running a sale but don't know what to discount? Ask your fans for their help! They will take great pride in knowing they were instrumental in solving your issue, and it makes for a great conversation!

4. Create a quote. Everyone loves a good quote. Google search for "quotes" and your industry niche to get a list of great quotables you can turn into graphics for Facebook. Use a service like PicMonkey to make it look perfect!

5. Play a game. Simple games such as "what is this?" where you show a super, enlarged photo of something from your store are very popular. Ask fans to give their best guess. You can also quiz readers on fun facts from your business, or see if they remember key events from your company history. (Offering prizes is optional and may not even get you the best results. If you do decide to offer a prize, be sure you are following the terms of service for Facebook.)

These are just a few fun ways to get your fans involved and feeling like part of the family. Need help establishing some of these methods? Contact us for a quick consult!

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