Social Media on a Budget: What an Audit Should Provide

We do quite a few initial consults with small businesses who need help with social media. At first, they think that they need the dedicated services of a social media manager or regular outsourced services. While these are desireable to have, for many companies, they aren't good ROI. We often find that a simple social media audit is all that they need to get started with a solid social media plan that they can run on their own, and it costs them far less than hiring out.

Here are some useful items that should be included in any social media audit. Be sure that you are looking for these components when having one done on your social plan.

1. What social platforms are being used? Could there be more appropriate platforms you could focus on? Some companies just aren't good candidates for highly-visual sites like Instagram, and others will see little benefit from streaming service Periscope (at least for now.) If you're still working with Google+, you likely need to change your strategy, as big changes have made this service obsolete for many. All of these points need to be stated clealy in a personalized social media audit.

2. What are the "must-do's?" What would just be nice to do? You can't do everything all at once, and for the resource-strapped small business, social media needs to be tackled one tiny step at a time. There are always bigger-return strategies that can be implemented right away, and those should be separated out from the "if wishes were fishes" approaches that many social media consulting firms would love for you to incorporate (especially if they think you'll hire them for the task.) A good audit should show you the right way to eat that elephant: one bite at a time.

3. What tools can I use? There is little to no value in asking that businesses "track" or "optimize" if they don't know what tools can do that for them. When we perform an audit, we are certain to provide links and resources to deliver on advice. If there is a low-cost scheduling platform that would be ideal, we include that information. If Facebook has already written the best step-by-step guide for a particular ad strategy, we'll share that, too. The more we can equip our audit clients to carry forth with their plans, the better results they'll see.

We want nothing more than to see all of our small business friends and clients perform well on social media, especially as we head into the busy and potentially very profitable holiday season. If an audit is something that you are considering, please let us know. Most audits can be done for under $275, and we can deliver within 5 business days to get you making big changes right away!

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