We really do love them.

"I don't have the resources for a dedicated copy team."


"I need a fresh perspective from a seasoned web professional."


"This project just doesn't feel right."


These are just a few of the things our customers have said to us before joining us for a project-based or retainer partnership.  And while we do honor all of our confidentiality agreements, we can tell you that we've worked with:


  • The small personal finance blogger who needed a steady, error-free presence on Facebook

  • The debit card company that wanted a fresh, authentic voice behind their consumer articles

  • The frugal living site that needed direction on weekly promotions, a tight plan for Twitter engagement, and team training  

  • The aspiring book writer who wanted a second look at his self-published manuscript

Skip the crowded service marketplaces. Join hundreds of happy individuals who have worked with us!

Our clients are our partners, that’s why we choose them carefully. Corporate clients of Linsey Knerl and Knerl Family Media include: